Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Trip Calendar for the Next Year

I'm currently in the middle of working with a website designer who is creating a site for First Methodist's local and global missions. Meaning, there will soon be a hub for all of the information concerning our partnership in Haiti (blogs, picture archives, trip calendar, team prep, ministry information, donation lists, etc).

Until then, I'm putting the trip calendar up for the next year here on the blogspot so that you all can get an idea of what we're offering and when is a better time for you to plug in. Check out the opportunities and if you or someone you know is interested, email me at I'd love for you to come to Haiti with us!

October 2010-October 2011 Haiti Trip Calendar

-October Scouting Trip (Full, Church Staff Only)
-November Construction Trip (Full, with Grace Community's Young Adult group)
-December Youth Trip (Open, for 11th/12th grade FUMC youth, contact Rhonda Mallory at the church if interested, 424-7771)
-February Project Trip (Open)
-March College/Young Adult Spring Break Trip, March 28th-April2 (Open)
-April Medical Trip (Open)
-May Module with Centenary College (Open to Centenary students through the college only)
-June Summer Trip (Open)
-July Summer Trip (Open)
-October 2011 Medical Trip (Open)

It cost around $1700 to go with one of our teams, and this covers all of your expenses. We will take a $300 downpayment 3months before departure. You need HepA and HepB shots as well as malaria medication, and it sometimes takes a month to get your passport in if you don't have one already.

Again, shoot me an email if you're interested or if you have an further questions!

-Britney Winn

FUMC Haiti Initiative
Church #: 318.424.7772 Etx: 147

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