Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Nou Renmen Ou

Since the last blog, two teams have left and re-entered the states, bringing back some great stories from Les Cayes as well as having accomplished some pretty significant work at Bighouse Orphanage. Our November construction team and our youth team from December got to experience Haiti in some of her cooler months...and by that, I mean they didn't need 3 fans pointed on them while they slept at night. And with passports being denied, supply bags ending up in california, and a couple of truck-break-downs on the dirt roads of the southern coast...I dare say we wrapped up 2009 like champs:)

I received an email from Pastor Jean (at Bighouse) a couple of days ago, and he says that the children say to tell the teams, the congregations, and the sponsors that they love them, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!

Our Youth mission team just returned back to the states on the 1st from their week long trip to Cayes. We are so proud of all of those who were able to go and all those who made it possible for the trip to take place. Since the Bighouse kids were out of school for the holiday week, the youth were able to put on a mini-VBS, a 1-day soccer camp, and help in the beginning construction of a playgroudn area! They report that the latrines and showers (which our November team began) have been finished, and a dining pavilion complete with tables has been built to give the kids a place to eat and keep them away from the cooking fire! I will be taking a follow-up trip in the next week to check on everything, and Hu Debo will be leading a team down in February to conduct a mobile medical clinic.

As we've emerged into the first of a new year, my mind is blown as I think about the journey that we have been on over the past few months. We have heard team's reports of the orange-haired, lethargic, and malnourished children from Haiti; and we have heard team's reports about the phenomenal energy boost due to consistent meals. We have heard stories of the affection-deprived kids who love to play with the American's hair, and we have heard stories of the painful shots that kill the worms. Suffering and beauty walk as hand in hand as compassion and risk, as love and sacrifice. And we have found them all in this place. Thank God He has so creatively and mysterioulsy rumbled His inviting whisper our way, daring us to come along, and promising that our lives will refuse to stay the same once we've encountered this side of the Kingdom. It has been an exciting, inspiring, and unpredictable jounrey; and the flooring news is that we've only just begun.

Again and always, thank you for your interest in these stories. If you ever have any questions or would just like to talk more about the movement we're a part of, I'd love to chat:) Happy New Year!

Nou Renmen Ou,


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