Saturday, November 7, 2009

Hey Sponsors!!!

Hey friends!

If you are a sponsor or an FUMC congregation member visiting this site for the first time after getting your November update or reading the weekly newsletter, welcome! Love for you to keep up with us through this, and would LOVE your feedback/questions/comments.

The newest update on finances for the November trip is that, as of yesterday, we are $1,700 away from having all of the money that we need to actually be onsite for those five days of construction at Bighouse Orphanage in two weeks. We started off needed roughly $9-10,000 and the provision has been as random and last minute as it has been perfect. Very grateful.

I'll get into Port au Prince on Monday, Nov 16th, and the team will fly in that next Friday. We'll travel the 5 hour drive through the mountains to Les Cayes that night, and we'll begin the morning-to-night construction the next day and on into the next four days. We'll make the entire trek back home the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Please keep our team in your prayers! We'll be posting pictures, videos, and updates throughout their time in Haiti.

Sponsors, since the mail service is so unpredictable and sketchy in Haiti, we're taking any letters that you've written your kids down with us to have them translated and delivered while we're there. :) Remember that your generous donations are best received by the 10th of every month, unless we've set it up that you've paid for several months/the whole year. Also, I've had a few questions about whether or not it's ok to send gifts, so to clear that up: 1. we're trying to stay away from sending individual gifts as to keep away from any unnecessary fighting or animosity among the kids if they're receiving great gifts or no gifts at all, 2. there's not a whole lot of space for them to sleep, much less storage for gifts and things. We're first working towards helping to get them healthy and sustained, and maybe in the near future we can work on better facilities :)

Until then, your letters and provision of money for food and medicine are the best way you can give. However, if you as sponsors would like to give extra towards something that can benefit the entire orphanage (like a piece of playground "equipment") then give me feedback and let me know, and we'll start that conversation!

Well, I just love you people. Again, keep up with us, and if you'd like to see any of the videos from past trips, you can visit to see those!

assured of His goodness,
excited about what's stirring,


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