Wednesday, October 28, 2009

New Friends and Art

Couple things:

Check it out. A week ago I needed $8,000 to buy plane tickets for our November Team. I only had $500. Within 5 days, enough cashmoney came in for me to buy every last plane ticket. What. Now we are only $4,000 from having what we need to go down in three weeks. I've started painting and selling paintings for the profit to go towards our efforts in Haiti. Here are a couple. Interested? I paint commissioned pieces and would love to hook you up!

Also, last night we had the most random/amazing surprise of getting to hang out with the 4 roadies for the deep south region of Invisible Children on their way through this part of their tour! They were incredible, and they've got something huge and moving that you need to look into if you haven't heard. Good things are happening, and I am thankful to be in such inspiring company all over the world. Go here:'ve gotta know.

love love.

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  1. Love your new blog, Britney. And your paintings, creative spirit, and love for the Lord. Will be following your projects and praying for your "mission" !!